Primarily a commercial photographer shooting for advertisement, catalog, plus a little bit of everything.  I’m well versed in studio and location lighting along with art direction, collaboration, post-production and photo shoot pre-production.

I also love to produce complete design and photography projects, contributing my skills along with those of the best creative professionals around, on an as needed basis.

Be in touch. Let’s make great things.

creative process



I create different work for different types of clients. Pricing can vary a lot. Some projects involve other hired professionals, locations, and a great many details. Many are straight forward photo shoots with a small crew, and minor production time.

Pricing is based upon a variety of factors, most of which relate directly to the process outlined above. The main factors to consider are how much we need to create, where it needs to be done, who we need to help get it done, and what the final product will be used for.

For photography projects, the factors on the right are most applicable.  For more comprehensive print & web creations the graphic design and internet professionals will be a big factor, in addition to production time.

Get in touch and let me know what you need to have. I’ll let you know what we need to make it happen.

  • Image usage rights & placement
  • Pre-production
  • Photography time
  • Crew
  • Travel time & costs
  • Location fees
  • Insurance
  • Models & Talent
  • Post-production